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The Foodspan Companion App

Lettuce make your day easier with the FoodSpan Companion App, combining the awesome features of FoodSpan with the accessibility of your phone, tablet, or computer!

Works Everywhere

Just because your fridge doesn't move doesn't mean that you can't know what's inside! The FoodSpan Companion App brings your fridge to you, anywhere you can take a phone or laptop. Now you can check on whether or not you've got enough food to make your special casserole, even if you're at work, at school, or out with friends.

For your mobile phone, you can download our companion app.

For your desktop, you can visit our web companion app.

Spoiler Alert

We're not a fan of spoilers, especially with food. The FoodSpan Companion App gives you a comprehensive view of all your food in your FoodSpan fridge, and prioritizes foods that are about to go bad. No more bad apples (and anything else) for you!

In addition, we're working on more awesome features to make sure your food doesn't spoil. Stay tuned!

Fresh Features

Keep Tabs On Food

The FoodSpan Companion App helps you keep tabs on your food, anywhere anytime. Figure out what you have in your fridge, when it's going to spoil, and keep notes on important food!

Alert When Food Spoils

The FoodSpan Companion App alerts you to food that's about to spoil, helping you not waste it! You can even set custom reminders for special food items.

Save Food and Money

The FoodSpan Companion App helps you reduce food waste, which in turn saves you money. The average Canadian wastes about $1000 in food waste every year: that's enough to buy 600 Tim Hortons coffees!

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