As our final time crunch for FoodSpan ends, we asked our FoodSpan staff what their fondest memories of FoodSpan were. Here are their responses:

Mary Jiang, Lead Graphic Designer and Marketing Adviser

Going to sleep after a long evening of working

Sleeping GIF

Loic Darboux, Intellectual Property Specialist

Matt: Hey, can you write a blogpost for the FoodSpan website?

Me: Uh…that’s a terrible idea

Matt: Pretty please…

Me: ughh…(awkward silence)…a’ight man, just for you

This is the first time i’ve committed to writing creatively without being forced to.

Maanvi Dhillon, Business Adviser

My fondest memory would be back at McMaster when FoodSpan won our SHAD campus competition. We were all exhausted and stressed out, and I think the fog of negative feelings prevented us from realizing the value of what we created. Our group, and me especially, was so worried about the details and little parts that we missed in our project and I think the fact that our idea was good , appealing and realistic hadn’t quite sunk in until the judges called our names. Extending upon that foundational project in summer was definitely enjoyable, but it was that original moment that brought us here and I’ll never forget how amazing it felt.

Nathan Maguire, Intellectual Property Specialist

My fondest memory is just working on a project with great people from SHAD, over a month after the program ended.

Matthew Wang, Lead Developer

Finishing a twelve hour crunch of work. That small break before the next crunch… feels sooooo good.